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(POST No. 1) Mark 7:9 ‘… You are experts at setting aside the commandment of God in order to keep your tradition.’ (NASB) Please take note: talks, articles and books that deal with Cessationism, Clericalism, Calvinism and Dispensationalism, are to be found in POST No.2.

General comment:

Hello, I’m Mark Phillips; I am only an UNREGENERATE Gentile. Therefore, it may seem very strange indeed to say that just as some people collect rare artefacts, I ‘collect’ rare Bible teachers. I do happen to know a spade is a spade, as well as a thing or two about what HAS been, and what IS going on, within the Body of Messiah ; this introductory post will only take a few minutes to read; please, indulge me.

Mark 7v9 blog has a twin PURPOSE: firstly, to provide a helpful hyperlinks HUB to some of the very finest FREE articles and FREE talks (audio and/or video), as well as drawing attention to some of the best books available outside of Holy Scripture; secondly, that this information would VACCINATE as many disciples as possible (against various errors/misteaching), in order that they would not be shortchanged and/or deceived. (Once someone has been mistaught, self-interest and pride can soon make a change of mind near impossible; prevention is much easier than cure).

Noting John 6:12 and 2 Kings 7 (especially v 9), if you come to increasingly appreciate these talks (and articles), do share the fantastic edification banquet with others: consider encouraging others in your local congregation (as well as in other congregations around the USA and overseas), to hear these talks individually (whether online, or by downloading them on MP3 and playing them in the car, or while walking the dog, or on a plane or train); or to hear them collectively (on a big screen or audio system, in an auditorium; or television screen in a regular home); and if you have a site of your own, consider putting the same links there. As for the books, some are available in ebook form (as well as paperback), so if your have a Kindle (or a free Kindle App on your computer, tablet, smartphone or other gadget), do at the least, download a free sample. You can get a free Kindle App here (USA), or here (UK).

Just as the Pharisees and scribes of Jesus’s day made their erroneous TRADITIONS into the HEAD, and Holy Scripture the TAIL, so too today (during this new, better, SECOND, Messianic Covenant),m any who call Jesus ‘Lord’ have made various errors the HEAD (e.g. Cessationism, Clericalism, Calvinism, Dispensationalism; yes, even Arminianism) and Holy Scripture the TAIL.

NO TEACHER IS INFALLIBLE, all can get subjective on one aspect or another of the narrow Way. (In ‘Acts,’ Paul refers to the faith as the ‘Way’; and Messiah Jesus said the Way is NARROW. Changing the name of the faith from the ‘Way’ to ‘Christianity’ has actually facilitated and perpetuated the pernicious idea that the narrow Way is a new Gentile RELIGION; in actual fact, it is a new, better, SECOND COVENANT with the house of Israel and the house of Judah – see Hebrews 8 and Jeremiah 31).

Alas, ‘Christianity’ is only one of a number of words that (albeit unintentionally) serve to confuse evangelicals rather than edify them; others include ‘Christian’ (instead of DISCIPLE – see Acts 11:26; which has led to the catastrophic idea one can be His ‘Christian’ based on a one-minute ‘sinner’s prayer,’ as opposed to the Lord’s YARDSTICK for being His DISCIPLE – Luke 14:25-35), ‘bishop’ (instead of OVERSEER – which is an aspect of ordinary elderhood, not a distinct regional ‘office’; see Acts 20, 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1), ‘pastors’ (instead of SHEPHERDS – shepherding is another aspect of ordinary elderhood, it is not a solo, salaried leader of a local flock; see Acts 20 and 1 Peter 5) and ‘church’ (Instead of CONGREGATION – in Holy Scripture, the CONGREGATION means local and global LIVING STONE members of Messiah’s Body/Bride; those who are genuinely CONNECTED to Him, the HEAD; it does not mean a stone building with a ‘pulpit’ and ‘pews.’ Because the ‘Magisterial Reformers’ originally populated their ‘pews’ by COERCION instead of CONVERSION – in partnership with the WORLD/STATE/MAGISTRATE – and because the ‘Reformed’ camp persist in saying the wheat and the tares are in the church – despite Jesus saying it was in the world – they developed the unscriptural and seriously pernicious concept of ‘Visible/Invisible church.’)

Rare Teachers:

The best two teachers I have found are Michael L Brown and David Pawson. I regard Michael as one of the finest teachers in America; David as one of the finest since the APOSTLES!

Michael has written numerous books,two key ones being ‘Go And Sin No More’ and ‘Our Hands Are Stained With Blood.’

David’s two key books are ‘Unlocking the Bible’ and ‘The Normal Christian Birth.’

Kim Tan is someone else to look out for; he has written two (largely UNSUNG) books; I do hope he writes more in due course. (Two books by Kim are included in my Amazon Reviews).

When it comes to the very serious (and subtle) problem of Clericalism, I have had to look to other men in order to find people who will FALLIBLY say what needs to be said – namely Beresford Job and Teryl Hebert.

Closing general comment:

We live in very, very serious times; society is MIS-MECHANIZED. Because most people live for themselves and not for God, the planet is stocked with haves and have-nots; some in the world live in luxury, while some even struggle to find clean drinking water. In the West, many men and women are leopards who are attracted to, date, and marry their own kind; problem is, while they cannot change their own spots, they often expect their spouses to. Consequently, many marriages are a house of cards from day one; for they were not built on firm foundations ; when the novelty is worn away, many divorce. Instead of a stable home for children to mature in,homes can be battlegrounds. As for small children in the West,at the first they are amused with simple nursery rhymes ; but by the time they reach twenty years of age many have developed a taste for the filthier things in life: many have moved on to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes ; an even greater percentage habitually swear, watch immoral sitcoms and films, and listen to immoral lyrics (they do not realise that from a young age, they have been led down a road of personal defilement and RUINATION). Each generation of parents tries (but fails) to prevent their teenage children from stubbornly walking down the wrong path; in time-honored fashion, each generation of teenage children stubbornly ignore the guidance and concern of their parents.

Given the state of play in the world (especially in the West), it is therefore a cause for great dismay to see that (due to having heard and been taught a seriously unbalanced and flesh-friendly version of the narrow Way) many who call Jesus ‘Lord’ behave in much the same way; a cause for great dismay to see that even WITHIN the Body of Messiah,men and women behave with pride and self-interest; and behave as Pharisees (putting error above Holy Scripture). Given 2 Timothy 4:3-4 this is no surprise; but it is a disgrace nonetheless.

Adherence to man-made denominational systems (i.e WINESKINS) is nothing new; it is a deja vu TRAGEDY. Chapter and verses in Holy Scripture are UNINSPIRED; they can be a serious HINDRANCE to understanding God’s message. That said, what Messiah Jesus said in ‘Mark 7:9’ goes to the very ROOT of the problem not just in His day; but also in ours: some today have become (seemingly unknowingly ?) experts at MISHANDLING the word of truth, in order to keep hold of Cessationism; others to keep hold of Clericalism (whether it be the Catholic or Anglican PRIEST, or the Evangelical PASTOR; such men – and women – may indeed be sincere and dedicated to the Lord; and yes, such folk may be found in your local town; but, did you find any in your God-breathed Bible?); others Calvinism (including ‘Replacement Theology’) ; others Dispensationalism (in particular, the idea of a PRE-Tribulation rapture) ; and, others (even though it is perhaps the noblest of the man-made truth-and-error blends) Arminianism. Each camp/denomination is quick to spot a speck of teaching READ INTO Scripture of another camp, but oblivious to the log of teaching READ INTO Scripture in their own camp; each camp is prone to be OBJECTIVE on – and overemphasize – ONE SIDE of the Bible coin, while being SUBJECTIVE on – and underemphasizing – the other side; such treatment of Holy Scripture is a well-trodden road to – and recipe for – a distorted blend of truth and error. Such folk are sincere, but WINESKinCARCERATED. Perhaps one might say that while Messiah Jesus (who is the TRUTH), came to set the captives free and LIBERATE them; misteachers, alas (with their truth-and-error blends; mental wineskins; TRADTIONS), have come to reshackle them again (and/or LICENSE them).

Undoing the damage of narrow Way distortion is an enormous endeavor: multi-millions outside the Body have been directly or indirectly fed ‘Universalism’; millions within the Body have been fed ‘Once Saved, Always Saved’ (OSAS) or ‘Perseverence Of The Saints’ (POTS). Messiah Jesus – the spotless Lamb – gave Himself for the FILTH of all, in order that all would put their TRUST in Him and take His PURITY in exchange for their filth. He gave Himself for the materisistic, hedonistic, antagonistic and idolatrous filth of all; in order that those who PERMANENTLY turn from such (materialism,hedonism,antagonism and idolatry), could spend eternity with Himself and His Father in the new Jerusalem (a place where nothing UNCLEAN and no one who practices abomination and lying will ever enter). In response, many who call Messiah Jesus ‘Lord’ have been busy handing out – in effect – ‘tickets to heaven’ and ‘filth insurance policies’: some ‘clergy’ ‘Christen’ babies and tell the unbelieving parents their child is now covered; some ‘clergy’ bury unbelieving parents and tell the unbelieving children their parent is now ‘in heaven.’ That such a horrendous distortion of our real situation before Almighty God has been able to continue for centuries, is an incredible testimony both to wishful-thinking, as well as to the fact that people have never bothered to objectively check out for themselves what Messiah Jesus actually said.

Consequently, although some parts of the world have yet to hear the truth for the first time, the West has been fed a pernicious blend of truth and error for so long,that they are almost innoculated against the real NINE-YARD disciplehood call of Messiah Jesus (see Luke 14:25-35).

Is Jesus really 24/7 ‘Lord’ of your life? Or, truth be told, is it some distorted WINESKIN that BINDS and/or LICENSES your daily behavior?

In POST No.2 ‘Talks, Articles and Books…’, I have put a series of links for articles, talks and books that address Cessationism, Clericalism, Calvinism and Dispensationalism. I have also posted something to illustrate how uncomfortable many evangelicals may be, if they were stripped of man-made post-apostolic props and beliefs, and then brought face-to-face with Messiah Jesus (POST No.3 : ‘Introducing ‘Homer Truth’ and his amazing INTEGRITY TIME MACHINE.’).

Be EDIFIED; do get those four books mentioned above.