Talks, Articles and Books about Cessationism, Clericalism, Calvinism and Dispensationalism; PLUS other matters.

by mptwa

(POST No. 2) Mark 7 : 9 ‘… You are experts at setting aside the commandment of God in order to keep your tradition.’ (NASB)

Are you a bit weary of me? Do you think I might be trying to lead you astray?! No problem; and I understand and welcome your caution. Then let’s not beat around the bush; let’s bring in some witnesses: read these Amazon reviews of David’s autobiography, “Not As Bad As The Truth”; read them HERE.

Do listen to at least one or two of these VIDEO or AUDIO talks; if you feel I have not led you to the table of an EXCEPTIONAL teaching banquet, then of course, waste no more time. On the other hand, if you see that I have brought you to an exceptional banquet, do feed heartily. is something of a ‘2K7 website’ (see 2 Kings 7 especially verse 9; also note John 6:12); it is one of the very finest edification banquets on the internet. If you click on BOOKS at the top of his website, you can watch brief video adverts for various books he has written. A typical evangelical in Britain and America is seriously MALNOURISHED; thanks to internet technology (and whether you live in San Diego, Seattle, Boston, Miami, Edinburgh or London; or anywhere in between), one of the very very finest edification banquets is only a few mouse clicks away.

That is not an ideal situation (to put it mildly!), for what Britian and America need are teams of competent elders in every city and town; teams who jointly and humbly lead (SHEPHERD), guard (OVERSEE) and feed (TEACH) ONE UNIFIED, interdependent congregation in their locality (who gather in FAMILY HOMES, not Constantinian Temples; who meet according to the PATTERN: Hebrews 8:5; Acts 1-28!; 1 Corinthians 11-14). In the horrendous absence of such leadership and unity, David’s 2K7 website ‘parachutes in’ (so to speak) nutricious meals; for any who hunger for industrial-strength teaching.

My Amazon REVIEWS of books addressing these man-made errors.

CESSATIONISM (and SUBSTANDARD evangelism in general):

One of Pawson’s major burdens, is the sentimental (instead of scriptural) and binitarian (in effect; and instead of truly trinitarian) nature, and overall serious inadequacy of modern evangelism.

The True God and the True Gospel A talk given at a Bible College graduation ceremony on the sentimental nature of modern evangelism. Very important content; and emotive. (Watch online or download on MP3; WO, OD.)

The Normal Christian Birth In association with his book of the same title, here is a six-part video of TREMENDOUS importance. WO,OD.

The Goodness and Severity of God An AUDIO talk on the sentimental (instead of scriptural) nature of modern evangelism. Listen online, or download; LO, OD)

We Need to receive the Holy Spirit Includes David’s personal testimony. An AUDIO talk about the binitarian nature of modernevenagelism. Very very important talk. LO, OD.

He will baptise you in Holy Spirit Another AUDIO talk on receiving the Holy Spirit. LO, OD.


Todays “UNSAVED” Church ; by Andrew Strom. This is an article that will only take a few minutes to read. It is very very disappointing to see that David Pawson stands almost alone in calling for scriptural, truly trunitarian, industrial-strength evangelism. Almost alone I say, but not quite; how fantastic to see that Andrew has a similar burden. This article is very important; do read it now.

What’s wrong with the Gospel? Part 1 and Part 2 Keith Green wrote a two-part piece about the inadequacy of modern evangelism; three decades or so later, is the situation anything but even worse ? Do read this.

There are four books by David Pawson on this PRIMARY matter:

‘Is John 3:16 the Gospel ?’; on the SENTIMENTAL (instead of scriptural) nature of modern evangelism.
‘Jesus Baptises in one Holy Spirit’ ; on the BINITARIAN (in effect ; and instead of truly trinitarian nature of modern evangelism.

The Normal Christian Birth The MOST IMPORTANT book David Pawson has ever written.

‘Word and Spirit Together’ ; on the tragic POLARIZATION beneath the evangelical umbrella (my phrase).

Avoiding both WEIRDNESS and DRYNESS:

In regard to bizarre manifestations that cannot be regarded as one of the nine EQUIPPING,EDIFYING gifts of the HOLY Spirit, the answer to WEIRD manifestations is not DRY FORMALITY; neither WEIRDNESS or DRYNESS resemble 1 Corinthians 14:26-33. Read this important article by Andrew Strom on ‘The “Toronto” Controversy – Disturbing New Facts from History.’


CLERICALISM (non-apostolic leadership STRUCTURE):


Aggressive Christianity Perhaps Catherine Booth did not fully realise the importance of her own home-truth, when she said that the harmony between the local church and society was a sign something was very very wrong.

There are two key books on Clericalism: they each need to be carefully SIFTED and not swallowed hook, line and sinker. It is very nice indeed to see Beresford and Teryl speaking out; but, just because they are right to denounce certain things about leadership, it does NOT follow that everything else they believe is accurate. Furthermore, folk are prone to OVERREACT against something; so be careful; the answer to one-man leadership is NOT (in effect) NO strong leadership. Scriptural leadership consists of a team of scripturally qualified elders.

The Biblical Church by Beresford Job; Augustinian/OSAS toxin aside, it is the BEST book on Body congregation and leadership I have found.

The Biblical Church by Teryl Hebert is available free in PDF format (at the moment anyway); it is also available for a small price in Kindle form at Amazon.

It is not enough to sort out leadership STRUCTURE; leadership GENDER needs to be scripture-based too.

‘Leadership is Male’ ; by David Pawson; foreworded by Elisabeth Elliot no less.


CALVINISM (basically revamped Augustinianism; a superstructure built on a DISTORTED version of PREDESTINATION):

First off, here are two SUPERRRB talks on Youtube, regarding the horrendously distorted teaching of Augustine; a talk given by Jesse Morrell. Jesse does an excellent job of presenting the case politely and concisely; perhaps only those who are doggedly determined to hold onto the toxic TULIP will be able to carry on listening to the tragic Augustinian/Reformed “school of thought” after hearing the talk, such is the skill of Jesse’s delivery. Better still, the talk is VERY HEAVILY peppered with quotes from the 200 year period from when the apostles died to the time of Constantine and Augustine; in other words, quotes from men who were FLUENT in the Greek in which Scripture was written, and who did NOT find the TULIP tenets that stem from the teaching of Greek INEXPERT Augustine. Watch the talk; put it into your faves; get as many people as you can to watch it in your own community, and around the world.

Next, my Amazon Booklist “TULIP Vaccine” is HERE. It contains nine books that collectively inform readers about the BLOODY method by which the TULIP took form hold of the Western contingent of the Body; make mention of Augustine’s Greek INEXPERTISE; and discusses the FALSE CONCEPT on which the TULIP is based (namely, Augustine’s grossly distorted understanding of election and predestination).

Two EXCELLENT FREE audio talks by David on this matter:

Can Believers Lose their Inheritance ? Calvinists say no; but what did Messiah Jesus say? Audio talk; LO, OD.

Why Would Anyone be Afraid of God ? Given the content, I think it would be better titled ‘Why should disciples fear God?’ David discusses the catastrophic damage done by the misteaching ‘Once Saved, Always Saved.’ AUDIO talk, LO, OD.

With Calvinism comes ‘Replacement’ and/or ‘Fulfilment’ Theology: the idea that the Church has now replaced the physical descendents of Jacob/Israel; and thinking the Church is the ‘New Israel.’

The Five Covenants of God Excellent three-part video talk by David which helps people understand the Bible. Click WATCH VIDEO; watch online.

A Biblical Understanding of Israel Nice nutshell AUDIO talk on Israel; LO, OD.

Romans Part 1 and Romans Part 2 Two video talks (WO, OD); around 40 mins each. Excellent overview of the book of ‘Romans.’

The Church and Israel in the Last Days A general video talk where David shows his love for Israel; the Jewish people. Watch online.

Why Israel’s Salvation Matters Scroll down to this AUDIO talk of Michael L Brown (LO, OD).

Free ARTICLE on John Calvin; by Daniel Corner. Many evangelicals who believe OSAS and/or POTS do not realise that Calvinism was established with the use of violence (note Zechariah 4:6); Michael Servetus was only one of a number of people who were put to death.

Free article on the way Calvinists basically MISHANDLE Holy Scripture in order to maintain Calvinism; an excerpt from ‘Life in the Son’ by Robert Shank; article itself by Steve Noel.

There are a number of books that VACCINATE (and hopefully CURE) Calvinism.

‘The Reformers and their Stepchildren’ ; by Leonard Verduin. I wonder how many ‘Calvinists’ realise what they believe was established with the aid of violence. How awful. A book of TREMENDOUS importance.
‘God’s Strategy in Human History’ by Roger Forster and Paul Marston. Predestination is scriptural; the Augustinian distorted version on which Calvinism is built is not. Very meaty book. Due out in KINDLE version I believe; keep a lookout.
‘The Road to Hell’ by David Pawson; evangelicals fail to recognize the warnings given by Messiah Jesus were spoken TO and ABOUT His regenerate disciples; Gehenna is for non-ABIDING disciples (not JUST outsiders).
‘Once Saved, Always Saved ?’ by David Pawson; OSAS has done tremendous damage to the Bride.

Replacement Theology in dealt with in these three books, and one talk:

‘Our Hands Are Stained With Blood’ by Michael L Brown; very important addition to an evangelical’s library this one. Indeed, of all the books Michael has written, this is one of the key two.

Israel in the New Testament by David Pawson; a collection of talks given in Jerusalem over a number of years; the crowning chapter/talk being the one on Paul’s letter known as “Romans” (Rome being the seedbed of Replacement Theology).

‘Defending Christian Zionisnm’ by David Pawson; a book written in response to sincere but seriously misguided teaching on Israel (not only by Calvinists, but also Dispensationalists; see below).

Applying Old Testament Prophecies to Church and Nation Today. This is a two-part AUDIO talk on how and how NOT to regard the prophetic words of the First Covenant prophets (such as Jeremiah). LO, OD.


DISPENSATIONALISM (the book of ‘Revelation’ was given by Messish Jesus ; PRE-Trib rapture by DARBY):

Will Christians Escape by Secret Rapture? Around 1900 years ago Messiah Jesus warned of the TRIBULATION to come; less than 190 years ago Darby said (albeit sincerely) that the Church would not be here. David discusses the origin of this comforting modern teaching. AUDIO talk; LO, OD.

Dispensational Theology – Too Pro-Israel. This talk discusses the perils of ‘DEDUCTIVE’ theology (i.e. putting 2 and 2 together to make 5; rather than ‘INDUCTIVE’ Theology which builds its stance on clear statements of Holy Scripture; or in other words, reading things INTO Holy Scripture, rather than things FROM). David also discusses the differences between ‘Dispensational [DEDUCTIVE, read INTO] Zionism’ and ‘Covenantal [INDUCTIVE, read FROM] Zionism. ‘Very highly concentrated talk this one; needs to be heard more than once to harvest all the information. AUDIO talk; LO, OD.

There are two books that address Dispensationalism:

‘When Jesus Returns’ by David Pawson. Tragically, some see the ‘PRE/POST-trib’ debate as a side issue. Actually, Messiah Jesus gave the revelation to John in order to call the Bride to PURITY through the 42 month warfare of the beast, and to PREPARATION for the wedding; that’s no side issue to Messiah Jesus. Furthermore, the Hebrews 6 eelementaries INCLUDE end time instruction. Dispensationalism is addressed in the book.

Defending Christian Zionism by David Pawson (this book is already mentioned above in relation to Calvinism).



Three of Michael L Brown:

Michael L Brown’s personal testimony; video lasts around 23 minutes.

AHARIT; a Hebrew word similar to English word ‘CONSEQUENCES’; MLB video lasts around 24 minutes.

What the success preachers NEVER mention ; MLB video; around 10 minutes; Holy Scripture is both sweet and SOUR; key video about the danger of sweet-ONLY distorted teaching.

Some by David Pawson:


First, here are FIVE practical, RUDDER-hits-the-road talks by David:

Men for God ; a four-part video series (can be freely downloaded on MP3) about the PRACTICAL aide of DISCIPLEHOOD; and a call for male disciples to meet together regularly. WO, OD; LO, OD.

Being (and the COST of being) SALT and LIGHT. Living differently impacts the community. AUDIO talk. LO, OD.

Four Marks of the True Church. On the NORMALITY of PERSECUTION; the Lord’s call to UNITY; the need for PERSEVERANCE; and, the need for INTERDEPENDENCE with brothers and sisters in Messiah. AUDIO talk. LO, OD.

Communicating the Gospel. In WORD, DEED, and SIGN (Romans 15:18-19; Mark 16:15-20): DECLARING a two-sided, apostolic message; LIVING it out oneself; God CONFIRMING the message with SIGNS following. AUDIO talk. LO, OD.

Keep Monday Special. Are Gentile disciples of Messiah Jesus commanded to keep the Sabbath? How about anyone in the book of Genesis from Adam to Joseph; were any of them told to keep the Sabbath?! AUDIO talk. LO, OD.


The Letters of Jesus to His Churches Do you realise Jesus sent seven letters? Here is a nine-part talk by David on those seven letters in the book of Revelation (watch online or download; WO, OD)).

The Uniqueness of Christ A six-part talk (WO,OD) that really makes it clear why the narrow Way is not just one faith among many.

Divorce and Remarriage What did Jesus say? David Pawson was once pinned to a wall by a ‘pastor’ for faithfully echoing the teacher of his Master. Watch ONLINE. He has now brought out a book on the subject.

Charismatics and Evangelicals When David says ‘Evengelicals’ here, he basically means Cessationists. There is a tragic polarization beneath the evangelical unbrealla today: some emphasize the Holy Spirit but neglect Holy Scripture, and some vice versa. This six-part talk addresses the problem (Note: the talks are mislabled, but all six talks are there; WO, OD)

Cults and Sects A series of eight AUDIO talks including one on Jehovah’s Witnesses ; listen online,or download.

Both Saviour and Lord One of Messiah Jesus’s first commands is to be immersed in water; if this is delayed, is His Lordship being honored?

What is the Church for ? The Church is about loving God; about loving one’s neighbor; and about loving fellow disciples.

Luke 14 :25-35. Messiah’s YARDSTICK; Messiah’s terms and condistions for being His DISCIPLE.

Prophetic Christian Witness. Here David points out the unscriptural lack of interest in (and suspicion cast upon) the prophetic aspect of the narrow Way; as compared to Paul’s exhortation to covet spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy. There is a great need for genuine prophets in the West; indeed, David here says a prophet’s job is to TILL the soil, THEN evangelists are able to PLANT. Audio talk; LO, OD.

Christ is Risen. After an unbeliever hears your presentation of the Good News, do they think of Messiah Jesus as a risen, exalted and appointed Lord,Savior and Judge; and do they realize there is actually no one in better health than the risen Messiah? Do you think of Messiah Jesus, and present Him to others, as a VICTIM on a Cross; or as a VICTOR on a Throne? Does your ‘Gospel’ end where the apostolic message actually begins (i.e. at Golgotha)?!

Four NUTRICIOUS additions to your personal library:

‘Not As Bad As The Truth’ by David Pawson. This is David’s autobiography. Alas, there are so so few Bible teachers of his caliber. This is an excellent introduction to the man behind the stellar teaching.

‘Back to Jerusalem’ by Paul Hawttaway. In the West some disciples have DIPLOMAS on the wall; in the East,some have brand-marks on their bodies. This is one of the most important books a Western disciple could get.

‘Lost Heritage’ by Kim Tan; the best PRIMER on Bosy-history I know of. This book is both NUTRICIOUS and UNSUNG. (At time of posting this, there was no cheap new or used version showing up at

‘The Jubilee Gospel’ by Kim Tan. Another unsung book by Kim Tan on God’s SHARING, CARING character.