Introducing ‘Homer Truth’ and his amazing INTEGRITY TIME MACHINE.

by mptwa

(POST No. 3) Mark 7 : 9 ‘… You are experts at setting aside the commandment of God in order to keep your tradition.’ (NASB) Please take note: talks, articles and books that deal with Cessationism, Clericalism, Calvinism and Dispensationalism, are to be found in POST No.2.

Imagine if ‘Homer Truth’ pulled over, outside a congregation near you; offering evangelicals a FREE ride all the way back in time to the reality check that is Luke 14:25-35; the chance to actually stand before Messiah Jesus and hear Him utter those very words. Can you imagine the initial stampede?!

Thing is, before letting them on board, Homer tells them that the ride is free, but CONDITIONAL: as they go further and further back through the centuries, they would have to let go of any man-made errrors that ceased to exist! Yes, said Homer, if at any point the heat of INTEGRITY KITCHEN gets too unbearable,they can go back to the present day, and recollect their man-made errors and props outside the time machine exit.

I wonder how many evangelicals would step on board after hearing that condition? I wonder how many would still be on board by the time the machine went back to Luke 14?!

By the time they travel back through the last two hundreds years or so, the “sinner’s prayer” for being His ‘Christian’ would be gone (compared to the Luke 14:25-35 YARDSTICK for being His DISCIPLE; although the first step of disciplehood is indeed often in the form of prayer, perhaps one might say that shallow “Sinner’s Prayer Evangelism” is the salvation equivalent of a drive-thru restaurant?!); so would the comforting idea of a PRE-TRIB rapture (propogated by Darby around 1830 and then Schofield). Those two losses alone may be too much for many!

By the time six hundred years have been retraced, the sacrosanct distorted TULIP version of PREDESTINATION enshrined in ‘The Institutes’ would have vanished too; deary me, the heat in the integrity kitchen gets real hot at that point; losing the PRE-Trib rapture was bad enough; but to then lose their ‘predestined-ticket-to-heaven!’ Not to mention the man-made denominations (‘Baptist’; ‘Anglican’; ‘Methodist.’ What happened to ‘one new man’ in Messiah?! Note Ephesians 2:11-3:7 especially 2:16); or the diplomas and ‘marketplace titles of respect’ so treasured by some (‘Reverend’; ‘Doctor.’ What happened to Matthew 23:8? Mark 12:38-40? Luke 6:26? John 12:43? 1 Corinthians 4:9?)

And yes, sincere though many such institutions may indeed be, as they got closer and closer to apostolic days on their journey back, venerated (but WINESKinCARCERATED) Bible seminarys/schools/colleges would all vanish; one by one. Is it not sad that some disciples feel they have to go to a Bible ‘seminary’/’school’/’college’ to get WEIGHTY teaching? And what does that say about the teaching they had in their congregation? It is actually the task of the local congregation’s group of elders to make sure the congregation itself is steeped in sound doctrine; indeed, the ability to provide quality teaching is a prerequisite for elderhood ; see Titus. Each congregation should be a ‘School of Tyrannus.’ Furthermore, the Bible is a Holy Scripture FACULTY in itself; beginning with Moses, then Joshua, right through to Jude and John; THE Teacher of course being the Carpenter who made the mount (before teaching on it untold years later): Messiah Jesus. Just think about a faculty member or two: Peter, a rugged, rustic fisherman who physically walked with the Man who is God; and Paul, the unsurpassed Second Covenant Bible teacher; indeed, the faculty members are actually the very individuals through whom came the God-breathed TRUTH; they actually PENNED PURE sound doctrine; how’s THAT for a ‘seminary!’

After 1700 years had been retraced, every last Constantinian Temple would be gone too! Those still on board would have re-entered the period where disciples met in family homes; and where meetings actually resembled 1 Corinthians 11-14.

Any dogged evangelicals still on board after almost 1900 years or so had been retraced, could be forgiven for thinking nothing further could be taken from them, no MAJOR PROP; what a suprise to find that it is at this point that someone so dearly beloved vanishes away: the ‘pastor’ as we have him today! (An unscriptural idea that got into the Body very early on; first in the form of a “bishop”/overseer over a network of churches (nowadays still held to by some); but nowawdays commonly reduced to being a “pastor”/ overseer over a single flock. Ignatious being one of the guys who brought in the one-man-leadership error.) Can you imagine the tears of any evangelicals that remain?! And not long now before they stand in the crowd and actually hear Messiah Jesus give them the biggest wake-up call of their entire lives; what it really takes to be His DISCIPLE …

(Please take note: talks, articles and books that deal with Cessationism, Clericalism, Calvinism and Dispensationalism, are to be found in POST No.2.)